What can you do around Emei?

Emei Mountain is one of the sacred mountains in China for Buddhist followers. The scenery, monasteries, old villages and tea hills attracts many people visit here. There are so much for travellers to enjoy in this region, visiting the mountain itself or hidden cool places around.  With the bullet train connecting it with Chengdu, it’s much easier to get here.

#1 walking from Baoguo Monastery halfway up the mountains, checking old monasteries, forest, brooks and lakes en route.

#2 overnight stay in a monastery guesthouse is also a unique experience

#3 visit some old village/town and tea plantation near by, learn about tea making process and tasting

#4 visit the world heritage site nearby – Leshan Giant Buddha

#5 hotspring is famous at Emei Mountain, it’s a great thing today after a day of outdoor walking